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Unipay2u Series- 1: Make Money Online From Bangladesh with Unipay2u

Unipay2U!!! Unipay2U!!! Unipay2U!!!

This is now hot topic of Bangladesh. Most of the people don’t have clear conception about Unipay2u. In this series I will try my best to give full details of Unipay2u from registering your account at Unipay2u to secrets of earning money from Unipay2u.

Introduction to MLM or Network Marketing: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing is a valid, honest and quick ways to make money within very short time. It is popular all over the world. There are lots of people out who have changed their lives from MLM or Network Marketing. In MLM there is no middle man. That’s why both the company and investors gains maximum profit. Though MLM is new in our country, it is very much popular in developed countries of the world. MLM is very much popular in our neighboring country INDIA. There are lots of MLM companies in INDIA. There are about 800 MLM companies in Malaysia.

About Unipay2u: UniPay2U is a gold trading company. Here an investor buys gold for storage in a professional bullion vault.

Company Name: Unipay2u Bangladesh (Pvt) Ltd

Registration: This Company was registered from joint stock of company on 11th October, 2009. Registration number is C-0030053/09.

Company Address:

Malaysia Office:

Best Genius Sdn. Bhd.
No, F-3-36, IOI Boulevard,
Jalan Kenari 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya,,
47100, Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: +603 8076 6012 / +603 8076 4692 Fax: +603 8076 6239

Bangladesh Office:

Dhaka Office:

Motaleb Tower (5th Floor), Room No# C, 8/2, Paribag, Shahabag, Dhaka-1000.

Contact Number: 88-02-9611840;

Fax Number: 88-02-9613140

Email :

Chittagong Office:

36/7, CDA Avenue, Muradpur, Chittagong.

Contact Number: 8801743-614261, 8801918-231480

This company is based in Malaysia. After 10 years of successful business in his own country, it has gained license to open seven wings over the world in Philippines, India, Bangladesh, UAE, Thailand, China, and Nepal.

Future Plan of this company:

  • To build business tower and five star hotel.

In the nest series you will learn about the basic conception of Unipay2u.

Unipay2u Series- 2: Make Money Online From Bangladesh with Unipay2u – Learning the basics

In the previous part of Unipay2u series, I have given you brief description about Unipay2u. In this part, I will discuss about the basic concept of Unipay2u business policy.

To start making money with Unipay2u, first of all you have to open a trading account.

There are four types of trading account.

  1. Trading Account – $ 65 (1 Security Code = $ 65 = 4550/= BDT)
  2. Trading Account – $ 120 (1 Security Code = $ 120 = 8400/= BDT)
  3. Trading Account – $ 260 (1 Security Code = $ 260 = 18,200/= BDT)
  4. Trading Account – $ 520 (1 Security Code = $ 520 = 36,400/= BDT)

Whenever, you will open a trading account, you will be owner of a centre where you can invest money by buying gold ranging from $300- $18,000 (21,000 – 12, 60,000/= BDT). You can buy gold from 10 grams to 600 grams depending on your trading account. You will earn a total of 20% rebate (10% Principal + 10% Profit) per month of your investment amount for ten months commencing from the start date and ending ten months from the start date.

For example, you have bought 10 grams gold for $300 (21,000/=) in January, 2011. You will get your rebate monthly according to following table.

MonthPrincipal Amount (10%)Profit (10%)Total
January, 2011 (M-1)$30 (2,100/=)$30 (2,100/=)$60 (4,200/=)
February, 2011 (M-2)$30 (2,100/=)$30 (2,100/=)$60 (4,200/=)
March, 2011 (M-3)$30 (2,100/=)$30 (2,100/=)$60 (4,200/=)
April, 2011 (M-4)$30 (2,100/=)$30 (2,100/=)$60 (4,200/=)
May, 2011 (M-5)$30 (2,100/=)$30 (2,100/=)$60 (4,200/=)
June, 2011 (M-6)$30 (2,100/=)$30 (2,100/=)$60 (4,200/=)
July, 2011 (M-7)$30 (2,100/=)$30 (2,100/=)$60 (4,200/=)
August, 2011 (M-8)$30 (2,100/=)$30 (2,100/=)$60 (4,200/=)
September, 2011 (M-9)$30 (2,100/=)$30 (2,100/=)$60 (4,200/=)
October, 2011 (M-10)$30 (2,100/=)$30 (2,100/=)$60 (4,200/=)
Total Amount:$600 (42,000/=)
Total Profit:$300 (21,000/=)

N.B: 7.5% will be charged as TDS (Tax) on all earnings towards your account balance. For example, you will earn Principal Amount ($30) and Profit ($27.75) per month. There will be no tax on your principal amount.

GOLD Purchase Limit: There is a gold purchase limit of different trading account. It is given below:

  1. For Trading Account – $ 65 Gold purchase limit is 75 grams (21,000/= – 1,57,000/= BDT)
  2. For Trading Account – $ 120 Gold purchase limit is 75 grams (21,000/= – 3,15,000/= BDT)
  3. For Trading Account – $ 260 Gold purchase limit is 75 grams (21,000/= – 6,30,000/= BDT)
  4. For Trading Account – $ 520 Gold purchase limit is 75 grams (21,000/= – 12,60,000/= BDT)

Ways to make money from Unipay2u:

  1. 1. Investing Money
  2. 2. Sponsoring
  3. 3. Leadership Matching

Investing Money: You will earn a total of 20% rebate per month of your investment amount for ten months.

Sponsoring: You have learned that Unipay2u is great ways to earn money online working at home. So you must inform all of your friends and family members and well wishers to join Unipay2u.

If any persons register at Unipay2u through you will earn for sponsoring that trading account. For example, if you managed somebody to open a trading account of $65, $8 will be credited to your account balance instantly.

Spot Income for sponsoring trading account:

Trading Account TypeSpot IncomeBusiness Value
$65$830 BV
$120$1560 BV
$260$30120 BV
$520$60240 BV

You will also get 10% spot income in any amount of investment in your direct sponsoring. For example, if your sponsoring members invest $30 (21,000/=), you will earn $30 (2,100/=) instantly.

Leadership Matching: When you open a new trading account, your geneology looks like following image.


In the above image,

  1. B123456F is your member ID.
  2. Mr. Joynal Abedin is Account Name.
  3. General 0 – 0 (Business Value that you have earned for opening trading account in your downline. If you or your downline manage some other new person to open a $65 trading account, you will get 30BV in your left side. It will look like General 30 -0. If it matches both sides 120BV-120BV, I mean if you or anyone of your downline opens four $60 trading account in both sides, You will earn extra $30. Following image shows details of your leadership earnings.

4. Non-Retention 0 – 0 (If anyone in your downline (Left Side) invests $300, your Non-Retention row will look like Non-Retention 300 – 0. If it matches $600 -$600, you will earn $60. More details are shown on the following image.

See my account’s Geneology in the following image:

Unipay2u Series- 3:How to Open a Trading Account at Unipay2u

To start making money online with Unipay2u, first of all you have to open a trading account. To open a trading account you need a security code. You can buy a security from an authorized agent or any members of Unipay2u who has enough balance to buy a security code for you.

There are four types of trading account.

  1. Trading Account – $ 65 (1 Security Code = $ 65 = 4550/= BDT)
  2. Trading Account – $ 120 (1 Security Code = $ 120 = 8400/= BDT)
  3. Trading Account – $ 260 (1 Security Code = $ 260 = 18,200/= BDT)
  4. Trading Account – $ 520 (1 Security Code = $ 520 = 36,400/= BDT)

Step 1: Pay your referrer $ 65/120/260/520. He will Login his account using his Member ID and Password.

Step 2: Click on “Security Code” from the main menu.

Open trading account at unipay2u 1

Step 3: Select your desired account type and click on “Buy Security Code”. A pop-up will open. Click “OK” to confirm.

Open trading account at unipay2u 2

Step 4: Now you will get an auto-generated security code.

Step 5: Click here to open a trading account at Unipay2u. Registration process will begin. Write down or copy-paste the security code in the blank space. Then click “Proceed to Register”.

Step 6: In this you will find the registration form. Fill it up carefully.

Sponsor ID: Give your sponsor’s member ID.

Select Agent: Select your agent from the drop down menu. Ask your sponsor which one to choose.

Placement ID: This is ID under which you are going to place this account. Select left or right of the placement ID.

Name: Give your full name.



Password: Give strong password with the combination of !, ~, #, ^, 1-9, A-Z.

Step 7: Click on “Sign Up” to complete registration process. You will get following confirmation message.

Open trading account at unipay2u 6

A registration confirmation email will be sent your email address.

Note: Email address is the main factor of your ID. Use strong password for your email address too.

You are done. Use the member ID and password to login to your account. Using this trading account you can invest money from $300 – $18000.

How I have made $600 (42,000/= BDT) from Unipay2u within 24 hours?

Most of the people of our country tell that Unipay2U is a scam site and they are going to run away within very short time. They are saying those things for one and half year. But Unipay2U BD Ltd has not run away yet. Each and every member of Unipay2u is getting his/her monthly rebate, commissions accordingly till now.

Unipay2u Bangladesh Ltd is working here in Bangladesh for about one and half year. I heard about this company 6 months ago. Unfortunately, nobody can give me any clear idea about their business plan. At last, I met one of close friend, he describe the details business plan of Unipay2u to me. After that I studied about their activities and complaints or success story of Unipay2u for a week. I did not found any valid complaints against Unipay2u. So, I realized that Unipay2u keeps their words. I have also checked their license and certificate of incorporation. Then I have believed that this is one of the most easiest and real ways to make money online.

I have seen a lot of my friends and relatives who have earned handsome money through Unipay. Within very short time, I have also made $600 from Unipay. I would like to share my success story with you. I thought that it will be very helpful for newbie to realize that Unipay is really a legit company. They are not FAKE Company. On the other hands, it will inspire existing Unipay members to work more and earn more from Unipay, even a residual income from Unipay.

There are four ways to make money through Unipay. They are as follows:

  1. By Investing Money
  2. Spot Income (For Trading account and Investment)
  3. Point Matching Income
  4. Investment Matching Income

Investing Money

You can make money just for investing money at Unipay2u. Your capital will be double within 10 months. You will get 10% profit+ 10% Capital every month.

N.B: If you invest $3030 (2,12,000/=) or more, you will get 10% Capital + 13% Profit.

Spot Income (For Trading account)

If you want to earn more, you can refer others to join Unipay2u.

  • You will earn $8 for opening $65 Trading Account
  • You will earn $15 for opening $120 Trading Account
  • You will earn $30 for opening $260 Trading Account
  • You will earn $60 for opening $520 Trading Account

Spot Income (For Investment)

You will earn 10% spot income in any amount of investment in your direct sponsoring account.

Point Matching Income (TA)

If You or anyone of your downline manage to open a new trading account in your downline, you will get some Business Volume Points.

Trading Account TypeBusiness Volume

If it matches 120 BV in left side and 120 BV in right side, You will get $30 point matching bonus.

Point Matching Income (Investment)

If you or anyone of your downline invests $300 or more, you will get that amount of Non-Retention points.

For, example, if any downline in the left side invest $600 on Friday. Another downline from the right side invest $600 on Saturday. Your Non-Retention points will matches $600-$600 and you will get $60 on Sunday as matching bonus.

Now I will show you how I have made $600 (42,000/=) from Unipay2u within 24 hours.

I open a $120 trading account 20 days ago. After that my upline has invested $3900 on the right side of my mother centre. I have earned 0 – 3900 Non-Retention points for those investments.

My Geneology before openeing trading account

Now, I have decided to invest $3030 (2, 12,100/= BDT) at the left side of my mother centre. In this case, Unipay gives 23% rebate (10% Capital + 13% Profit). I will be getting $666 (46,620/= BDT) monthly rebate for 10 months. On the other hand, if I invest $3030, I will also get $300 investment matching bonus.

Then I open $120 trading account at the left side of my mother centre. Then invest $3030 at that centre. Here is the screenshot of my new trading account transaction details.

Transaction Details of Newly opened Trading Account

Bottom two rows of the above image shows $3037 transferred amount to my new trading account for buying gold. I spent $3030 by buying Bonanza Gold. This new trading account was sponsored by my mother centre. That’s why, I got $300 spot bonus instantly credit to my account balance. Rest $300 will come from Investment matching bonus after the sever starts next day.

See the transaction details of my mother centre below:

Transaction Details of Mother Centre

When I checked my account next day, I see that $300 has been credit to my account balance as matching bonus.

See how my geneology looks next day.

My Genelogy after geting matching bonus

Fake Companies


When I first heard about it, I was like 'wow!' Forex Achievements and their plans have been approved by our Reserve Bank of India. You can see the RBI certificate here: I was very eager to register with this company and make a large investment. However, after going through each page carefully and making some Google searches, I decided against it.

The Reserve Bank of India certificate seems to be a fake one. At the time of this posting, this so-called company doesn’t even have a physical address in India. How could RBI issue a certificate without verifying their address, etc. The company is said to be around 15 years old and is based in Chile but I have not found their Chilean website. Besides, the website of Forex Achievements seems to imply that it is indeed the main website of the company but look at their homepage. There is this moving bar saying that their company and plans are RBI approved. It proves that someone is running the show from India.

UPDATE: RBI certificate has been removed from their website while their Legal Page link is broken.

The company claims that the address of their headquarters is in Chile. The address given is:

Forex Achievements
Credex Finance, Corp
8329100, Pedro de Valdivia 1248, 9th floor
Santiago, Chile.

I did a WHOIS search and found the following details:

null,5066 ZH
Tel. +45.36946676
Creation Date: 17-Apr-2010
Expiration Date: 17-Apr-2011

Chile – India – NL…..hmmmm……the addresses doesn’t match. Not only this, look at the creation and expiration date of the website. If a company is indeed 15 years old, then the expiration date should be at least 2-3 years later.

I googled their address but didn’t find any result. I, then, googled,Credex Finance Corp and found out that there is indeed such a company (or should I say ‘was’). It is actually an HYIP (High Yielding Investment Program). Their website but the site is not loading now.

The address of Forex Achievements matches with that of Credex Finance. For proof, please check this link below:

If you check these two links given below, you will see that site was online from February 11, 2010 but not anymore. Please check the payment status……….it says NOT PAYING.

I wonder if Forex Achievements is still paying now!

Take a look at their ABOUT US page. The images given were (at least the money tree is) taken most probably from Google images. Scroll down the page and look at the company’s photo gallery. The first photo says OUR DIRECTOR. What a joke! They did not even mention the director’s name. A 15-year-old company has no message from the director……….amazing! The staff looks fake too. Take a look at the front and back of the building. It looks completely fake. Are these people trying to tell us that the whole building is theirs? To me, it seems like a model building created by some architect.

Although Forex Achievements say that they will open their offices soon in Mumbai, and then within a month in Noida, Delhi, etc., the truth is that these people do not have any licence to do business in India. They don’t have any Certificate of Incorporation, PAN Card, Legal Advisor, physical address, contact number and other legal documents. Not only this, the English used on their website is poorer than mine (hehehe). Whoever invests on this so-called company will surely lose their money.

I had chatted with one of their ‘professional staff’. Instead of answering my queries, I was told to give them my email address and phone number so that they could call me. They haven’t called or sent me mail.

Please beware of this fake company. Run away if anyone asks you to invest your precious money on to this one. Also show this post to open people's eyes.

You will also find the same post at

2. QUANTUM FUNDS ONLINE (both .com and .us)

The certificate of Quantum Funds Online is FAKE. The link below is a search site for US Corporations registered with the Office of Secretary of State.

If you type Type Quantum Funds Online in the first field and search, you will get zero results. Now enter the UBI number from Quantum Funds Online Legal Certificate which is: UBI NO. 602-839-025 (please remove the dash between the numbers when you enter in the above mentioned site.)

The result you get will be DANA CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC, INC. and not Quantum Funds Online.

It means that Quantum Funds Online is not a registered company in the US. The UBI no. shown in the certificate belongs to a different company.

Even the text is copied directly from other websites. The second paragraph is copied from the first paragraph of .

The 3 paragraphs of quantumfundsonline are copied from:

The ABOUT US page of Quantum Funds Online is directly copied from: and

The FOREX page is copied from: and other websites.

Don't invest money. If you are already in it, then do good by NOT introducing or referring others.